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Welcome to an electrified future.
Schwalbe e-bike tires.

E-bike tires are our answer to the question ‘Which Schwalbe tires are the best choice for e-bikes?’.
Grip, stability, puncture protection, braking power and low rolling resistance. These are our requirements. And that’s why we make exactly what we make best: tires for bikes and e-bikes.

Schwalbe E-BIKE tires are the future and our recommendation when it comes to excellent e-bike tires.

Why special e-bike tires?

On an e-bike, regardless of whether it’s a city bike, trekking bike or e-MTB, you’re travelling at higher speed. The weight is considerably higher compared to an ordinary bike because of the motor and battery. And a flat tire on an e-bike is particularly annoying because its repair is usually more complex.


E-BIKE Tire Requirements

E-bikes are not only faster on the straight, but in particular also when cornering. This is why an e-bike tire should always be an especially high-grip tire. Because more grip means greater safety.

The higher overall weight demands a slightly wider tire that’s as tough as possible. This offers better puncture protection, more comfort and good control.

Greater loads on the tire due to higher speeds and higher overall weight make puncture protection extremely important. Tire repair on an e-bike is usually more complex than on a conventional bike.

SPEED E-BIKES up to 50 km/h

Tires for speed e-bikes – speed pedelecs with registration, insurance and pedal assist above 25 km/h – require special approval. For these bikes, we recommend e-bike tires with ECE-R75 approval that is valid throughout Europe.

No tire, no bike

Tires are your bike’s only contact point with the ground. This is why they are so crucial to its performance. No matter whether you’re riding an e-bike through the city, rocking the trails with an e-MTB (e-mountain bike) or conquering the peaks with an e-racing bike. >>


At Schwalbe, everything revolves around tires for bikes and e-bikes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about gaining another hundredth of a second in racing or commuting to work reliably by bike. Producing tires that will excite you from the first ride has been our passion since 1973.  See our innovative e-bike tires for yourself!